Offer cutting-edge services, from customer experience management to digital reputation solutions, under your own brand

xAmplifier’s white labeling solution is a true parallel platform that allows you to customize and brand our products to your heart’s desire. As an ad agency, with xAmplifier’s CEM platform you can gain insight into your clients’ funnel metrics to know how your ads are performing. As a tech company you can integrate our reputation and CX modules into your system. What’s more? xAmplifier’s solutions are all turnkey and compliant with industry standards and regulations, such as HIPAA, PHI, and PCI.



Let xAmplifier guide your organization-wide customer experience with CX 360

Aligning your organization to understand customer experience and act to improve it is no small feat. xAmplifier’s CX 360 offering provides expert support in the form of training, in-office review boards, documentation, and implementation teams, to make customer exeperince second nature in your organization. Have consistent, benchmarked performance criteria across all departments and locations to ensure an ever-improving customer experience.



Get the most out of your customer experience program

Customer experience programs often gather so much data that it can be difficult to know where to start, never mind how to discover the best ways to innovate and improve. xAmplifier’s consulting services offer the expertise of our veteran data scientists and CX strategists. Dig deep into your data to uncover crucial nuggets of insight that can put your business over the edge. Develop in-depth personas of your customers so you can optimize your operations and marketing efforts. Link CX data to performance metrics and compensation.

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