We’ve witnessed first-hand the value and richness of customer feedback, and how, when used right, it can provide tremendous insights into a company’s ‘x-factor.’ Unfortunately, not many organizations have the tools or knowledge to make use of customer feedback. We’ve also seen great businesses suffer because of their digital reputation - the happy majority simply aren’t as vocal as the few unhappy customers.




In August 2012 the xAmplifier platform was born out of these realizations. xAmplifier is more than just immediate customer feedback - it is the tool and interface that makes that feedback actionable, so that businesses can discover the opportunities just waiting for them to act on - the low-hanging fruit - and continually improve their entire customer experience. With our development predicated on user experience, we’ve married big data with easy-to-understand, graphical interfaces, so that CX insights are democratized and actionable across the entire organization. Every company we’ve worked with has seen improvements in their customer experience and digital reputation - driving their revenue and customer acquisition.


At xAmplifier, we are driven to ignite a passion for customer experience in your business.

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