Reveal your most important customer segments

xAmplifier draws client and transaction data from multiple different sources so you can identify your different consumer groups. With the transaction data you can see which groups are have greatest impact and which ones have the potential to grow.

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Personalized messaging for each client persona

xAmplifier develops tailored approaches to contacting your clients corresponding with the data it draws from all available sources. Persona insights are conveyed to frontline sales staff, enabling them to deliver the most effective and consistent message or solution.



Customized site content for target audiences

Have your website and social media cater to target persona groups, and automatically lead customers to the landing page that suits them best and carries the greatest appeal for them.



Efficient, optimized marketing

xAmplifier helps CMOs move beyond CPL and CPI to discussions of cost per loyal customer when it identifies which groups are or could become a loyal consumer base. Once persona groups are identified, you are able to make informed marketing decisions that will streamline your operations and drive costs down.


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