Build lasting client relationships

With xAmplifier software, you have the ability to tap into the needs of your clientele. Make decisions informed by data and Voice of Clients insights to ensure every client is delighted by your company’s services and products.

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Control your online reputation to build confidence with prospective clients

xAmplifier collects comprehensive data, which it uses to identify key areas of improvement in your online presence. Have reviews displayed where clients are looking, on sites like BBB, ConsumerAffairs, Facebook, Yelp, and Google, to grow their confidence in your business.


Understand new client goals to better match your service offerings

xAmplifier’s close-the-loop alert system notifies front-line salespeople and account managers when clients' needs change, and when a client is dissatisfied. The end result is increased conversion and retention rates.


Use client persona development tools for better marketing communication

xAmplifier analyzes the potential of persona groups and finds the most effective and efficient means of advertising to each group. This allows you to optimize your marketing budget and speak to your clientele in a voice that they understand.


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