Manage your directory listings today with XAmplifier.

Your customers will easily be able to find your locations, as we directly integrate with the largest network of search engines, social networks, maps and apps.



We manage your directory pages, so you can focus on your customers.

Dedicated XAmplifier personnel will manage the administration of important social and directory pages for clients’ locations. Our devoted staff will respond to direct questions or comments and alert appropriate client personnel to respond. We will also recommend the most important pages to monitor, including Facebook Business Listings, Yelp, Healthgrades and GMB.



Real-time control for the most accurate listings

We also offer real-time control, so that you can ensure that your listings are accurate at all times. Enhance your listings and draw in your customers with actionable CTAs right in your listings, displaying what your customers want most at the local level.

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Make your metrics work for you.

Our analytics platform gives you a better picture of your search impressions, as well as a look at how your customers are engaging your brand across various online channels, including social networks. Use this data to your advantage to engage with your customers and boost your bottom line.


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