Give your clients an experience that builds trust and grows revenue

Listen to your clients and effortlessly improve and respond on xAmplifier’s CEM platform. Discover who your most important buyer personas are - build an experience for them that cultivates sustainable relationships and continuously delivers value. Secure new business by burnishing your digital footprint - from getting more online reviews to commanding search results.


Make every account a happy one

xAmplifier makes feedback, from all channels and touchpoints, actionable with real-time alerts delivered to the right people in your organization. These timely notifications will enable your team to address issues and defuse unhappy clients, before they can complain to you directly or on online reviews. xAmplifier identifies and turns happy clients into brand advocates.


Patient feedback done right - close the loop

Understand the root causes of patient dissatisfaction and empower your team to act on feedback. Gather all patient feedback, including online reviews and xAmplifier surveys, in one central location. Our platform automatically alerts the right people when follow-up action is needed, so you can move quickly to defuse unhappy patients. Interactive dashboards and intelligent filters make it easy to identify and fix the root cause of problems, so you can improve your processes and operations. Let patient feedback drive an ever-improving service/patient experience.


Enhancing your digital reputation has never been simpler

Without lifting a finger, direct clientele to the industry review sites and social media pages they visit most frequently. xAmplifier predicts which customers are most likely to write a review and where they are most likely to write it, specific to each demographic and industry.




Use stars to upgrade your SEO and SEM strategy

Have review stars show on your search results and seller advertising with xAmplifier’s rich snippet code and review generation module. Stars alone make your listings stand out from competitors, and immediately communicate credibility to customers. Google has even established that they boost click-through rates by 17%.



Efficient, optimized, and targeted marketing

xAmplifier analyzes the potential of buyer personas and finds the most effective and efficient means of advertising to each group, optimizing your marketing budget and developing a loyal customer-base.

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Integrate with other platforms to make the most of your data

The xAmplifier platform supports integrations with API from many popular apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Mailchimp, and SendGrid.


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