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Discover what your customers care about, in their words

There’s no need to guess what customers think of your business. xAmplifier conducts customer experience surveys and enables online reviews for your business. Bring together customer feedback from all channels and touchpoints in one place. Understand what drives customers to and from your business with easy-to-understand dashboards and analytics, both company-wide and location-specific.

Customer Feedback xAmplifier

Respond to unhappy customers and amplify happy ones

xAmplifier makes customer feedback actionable with real-time alerts delivered to the people in your organization best suited to respond to the issue. Enable your team members to defuse unhappy customers and let xAmplifier turn your happy ones into brand advocates.

Data Insight CEM xAmplifier

Effortlessly delve through layers of insights

Using data to improve and innovate is simple on the xAmplifier platform. Get perspective on numbers with intuitive dashboards and intelligent filters - filter by location, product, demographics, psychographics, and much more. Use text analytics and purchase/non-purchase driver metrics to get to the root cause of problems. Measure performance of different lead sources to increase conversion rates and improve sales funnel metrics.

Organization Wide Customer Experience xAmplifier

360 CX - Let xAmplifier guide your organization-wide customer experience

Customer experience is the key differentiator for leading brands and businesses; it is the future for all industries. But change can be hard. xAmplifier can implement integrated CX for your company. Ensure that everyone, from front-line employees to corporate executives, are equipped with the tools and information they need to succeed, and share the same vision of CX excellence.


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